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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After a very early morning quake in Tokyo, it was extraordinarily warm and wet yesterday. And, it has become so cold today. I went to church, where  Fr. Augustin gave a Mass for the Dead in Latin Rite. In his brief preach, he remarked on the Communion of Saints as follows, "We strongly hope and believe that our souls should be embraced into the bosom of Abraham soon after our death as said the Scriptures. But, we also know that we are accepted in the Communion of Saints as long as we live on the earth in a spiritual or supernatural way as Jesus washes us with baptisma and saves us by his death on the Cross and the Resurrection from sin. Therefore, we have this mass for the dead". He concludes his preach with the following phrase: "We the Catholic Church are very much optimistic in faith". What a strong and concise nutshell of the creed he remarks! It was realy nice to be there today.

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