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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today is a bank holiday here in Japan. I went to church and had a talk with Fr. Francis, who is a Franciscan priest. He gave me several kind suggestions. First, we are not perfect. We have to try making our society as perfect as God so desires, however we are not to be perfect. Inside church, we should not put aside this reality as human being. Second, when you feel any doubt, you should ask not yourself but Lord Jesus. "What would You think on this, my Lord? What would You want me to do for You? If You were I, what would You do?" Finally, when you do some repentance, you should devote something joyful or your good feeling to Jesus through the Most Blessed Ever Virgin Maria. You should share something nice with Jesus and with all around you and among you. Those three suggestions are really marvelous, I do believe.

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