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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lawyering is not a good business to survive life, but sometimes it gives you with good instructions to live as better. An old woman body was found in my neighbor almost five years ago. She was found dead on the ground of her family cemetary early in the morning in January. Nobody could understand why she was there in sever winter weather. Local police didn't even examine the body and put aside this case into no criminal one. Soon after that, her step-daughter had begun conspicuously spent her inheritance money and sold lands. She even made her step mother's death a funny story before people in public. Now, that woman surviving the dead one has lost almost inheritances. Nobody dares to touch her around here; that woman daily goes out to find somebody to chat with. She has become just a nuisance or pest. You are easy to imagine what this guy had done to her step-mother.

A second woman has withdrawn for half a year in my neighbor. Her face has turned into a mess, literally. I was astonished at seeing her face through a monitor. Many raptures covered the face on her like a goblin. This woman now withdraw into a small room in her house; her husband has abandoned her and left the house during day and returns home during night. This woman is a so-called "woman of sins". Simply speaking, she openly committed adultery for a long time. She tortured her step-father and forced him to die while nobody could notice of it. It had not been brought into a criminal case. The small room in her house was the place to which she prisoned her step-father for almost ten years. Now she has been prisoned into that cell.

A third woman is a very much ridiculous one. She is a liar. She daily have told lies on her neighbor and put on her status as if she had belonged to the upper. Telling the truth she is really degraded a bitch, I mean it in the correct use of the word. Now this woman living in a corrupted hut has become a pest in the nieghbor.

Through lawyering, you can see the truth of persons. It is very helpful to see the great power of God, who is beyond our knowledge or understanding.

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