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Friday, December 4, 2015

A passage in a blog by a "spiritual counselor" caught my eyes through net surf. He asserted that anybody cannot change him or herself because of self-denial. According to his analyses on those complain on their status quo, they would like to stay at their own situations and have been worried to change themselves. A big difference on this blogger from others is that he doesn't mention to any "positive thinking", but he stresses that you should notices of your self-denial and your own fear of the risks by changing yourselves. His way of thinking is very interesting, but he has not found any clue to brake through those fears to change. In Catholic faith, you shall leave everything in God's hands. You may pray for something still in fears to change yourself at the same time. You shall just leave what you pray for in God's hands, because He knows you very much better than you think. That is the faith I believe. We want to change ourselves, and we fear to accept the situations that change as we choose to change ourselves, because we cannot foresee what is coming around us when we change. Just what we can do is to accept everything God has prepared for us in the way of our lives. The passage in that blog gave me with a good instruction to understand the faith.

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