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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is going worse in Japan's society since the early '10s? You see one day somebody young at a mass, then he or she approaches you and asks, "I daily think of death. Don't you talk about it with me?" What are you doing? Don't think about such that beyond your knowledge, and find somebody to date with you (rather than me)! I really would like to say that. Another day somebody gazes at and approaches you. He or she looks obvious with eating disorders, and soon begins following you with a shadow. Actually, those events often occur these days in Japan not only inside church but also in colleges. I'm really fed up with the situations around this society especially since 2010, just before the catastrophic quake. What is really going in this country? What has changed our society? I've never experienced such strange guys in my youth. Please God tell us what to do?

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