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Monday, October 12, 2015

In the yesterday mass, the Young Rich Man was read by Fr. Francisco, who has come back from Vietnam last week after three year missionary there in his mother land. He preached what we should sell out for God. Some people have affluent goods, though others have nothing but anguish, afflictions, tribulations. What would those latter devote for the Lord? That is his question to all of us. He stressed that Jesus is always waiting for us to sell our miseries to Him. He is the only one who have ransomed us for eternal life that is the true happiness with Him. We can just devote our miseries to Him. That is what Fr. Francisco told us on the part in the Gospel. Jesus has ransomed me; this is the very salvation for all of us. This is not often remarked recently in preaches. It is very much important to think about it at mass of every Sunday. I'm so happy to listen to his preach.

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