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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Today we read the healing of a deaf by Jesus Christ in Galilee. Fr. Jack began with a passage of the Good News according to St. Marco, that Jesus led the deaf out of among the people gathering around him. Why did He assure the deaf to outside the gathering? Fr. Jack invited us to think about Jesus' intention to do that. He would like to share a pesonal experience with everybody. He Himself suffered from isolation, slander, beating, and capital accusation. He is the God who only knows and has experienced everything as we suffer from it. Fr. Jack talked to us with his experience of a medical doctor who cured his niece who had suffered a brain cancer. That doctor was very much affectionate to her family and even visited them before her surgery. Fr. Jack asked him for the reason that he could care of people around him so deeply. The doctor told him that his mother and sister had suffered cancer as she did, and he could understand what patient families need really. Why does Jesus come to let us open our ears and lift up our souls above person by person? He really knows us one by one, and has experiences what we do. Because He is the Lord and the God. I'm impressed with his clear point out.

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