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Monday, September 14, 2015

One of the most dangerous and difficult business on the globe is to dealing jealous people, sometimes enterprises consisting of those. All Christians well know how jealousy is dangerous and harmful to the faith and the chastity. It is a disease to lead those to eternal death. Therefore, many saints teach how to combat against jealousy. However, how to deal with those jealousy people is not always well discussed or described yet. One of the reasons that this topic has not been discussed in the realm of the faith is very simple; everything should be endured on the earthly world according to the Gospel.

But, in Bible, especially the Old Testament is full of stories which describes how the Jewish dealt with those jealous of them. Joseph the patriarch, a son of Jacob, was almost to be killed by his own brothers who were jealous of him. He was seduced by his master's wife and rejected her to be jailed. During his endurance, God had been always with him, according to the Bible. How did he deal with those jealous people? He was humble to God, and didn't become servile. This is what he did as the Bible tells. It is very impressive that whenever Joseph suffered from a trick or a trap he escaped out of it and moved to a better place where he should avoid a bad event like famine. That is symbolic wisdom by God.
How about Moses? He was envied by his own kinsman whose life he had saved his from an Egyptian. The Jewish communities and his own brother Aaron and his wife were jealous of him during the exodus. Just God's rage at Meriba and Massa in the desert had helped him deal with those jealousy brethren.
How about Elijah? Queen Isebel was jealous of him so that Elijah run for a place to hide outside Judah. God protected him and gave him with the gift of prophecy.

All those three saints relied on their Lord who gave them respective commands by which they could fight against the jealous. Those jealous people and entities consisting of such like have the souls which are contaminated with bad spirits; those bad spirits belong to Satan and its realm, Hell. They finally return to where they are belonging as they know it. They are doomed to die eternally. The wise strategy is not to be contaminated by such bad smell. Just keep yourselves away from them. It's the best instruction given by the Bible.

Bible is not a book of instructions, and it is the book of wisdom.

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