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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tokyo Metropolitan Police investigates a series of fires on the cables of Tokyo area railways, which happened in this month. One of the incidents I have experienced this week let me take some more time to go for a destination in Tokyo, but I was there on time as I had planned to be there. Why? I happened to go out of my home in advance with a fear of delay; I left my home one hour and a half before as usual I go out. It's a kind of hunch or presentiment that led me to leave earlier home to go out. Anyhow, by the grace of God, I didn't be late to be there for an appointment. I have no reason to do so, and just did so without doubt. But, sometimes something like it happened to me. It happened on September 2001, before moving to New York City to get a job as an associate at a firm and I decided not to go there just one week before that criminal accident. It occurred on June 1993, when I was hesitated to take the offer of a job in Tokyo, and heard a "voice" from the downstare that told me get out of there. I found it was right to have left there at a mass homicide terror on January 1995. It led me evacuate the city of Jerusalem on March 1992 just an hour before stoning inside the city wall. I don't know the reason why I got such that presentiment, however it is a kind of calling by Somebody who is above myself. I let myself follow the calling anyhow at the sights of the case. Probably, I say something stupid here and now, and maybe so do I. But, I am spared by the calling anyway. It happened again this week, I believe.

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