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Saturday, August 22, 2015

I found an Internet journalist's interesting report that gives a thorough analysis on hidden problems of an inner circle among business persons. His analysis first talked about why fish in an aquarium are weak and easy to get sick. Fish in sea are very much healthy against virus attacks, because tides of sea wash out such bad causes of diseases. Meanwhile, still water in the aquarium has no move inside. Fish swimming in the aquarium are fixed into such a bad situation and cannot resist against virus. The inner circle is similar to the aquarium; you can change the word "virus" with "information". Bad information is easy to stay inside the circle for a long time, when it is cut off from outer space. Those people inside the circle don't find that the information they enjoy is not accurate as the water in the aquarium is contaminated already. I well know such a place around academia. Universities are like aquariums; separated from the world somehow. Inhabitants inside the world often live apart from the outer space. They are very much easy to be contaminated by poison that comes from inside and outside. What is the best way to avoid that? Just run away from there.

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