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Sunday, August 2, 2015

At today's mass, Fr. Jack remarked on why God became a man, when he talked about the meanings of the manna in the desert and the corpus Chirsti. He went back to the times of Genesis 32:22-32. "Lord Jesus took the man as He humbled Himself in the presence of the Father in the heavens. Meanwhile, the Father Himself was humble in His wrestle with a man, who is Jacob He gave a name that is Israel. God Himself lowered down on the ground and wrestled with a man to whom H defeated. Our God is really humble to all of us from the beginning". Fr. Jack kept going on his preach. "Our God is humble; why not we? I lived among a downtown that is really poor in the Philippines when I was a seminarian. I found a doctor around there weekly visited poor families and gave medicine to them for free every Saturday. I simply asked him why he would do that. He just told me the reason on him: 'Because I am a Chirstian'. After you accept your Lord's body at every mass, you don't follow Him as is really humble and serves to the poor, your faith falls into death". He concluded his preach with the word. I'm really impressed.

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