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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Don't go to Macau's casino hotels! My mother told me of her friend's son who moved to Shenzhen on business and weekly goes to Macau for gambling for these six months. That guy often asked his mother in Japan to send huge amount of money month by month. He has been addicted to gambling in Macau. When I was in Hong Kong, I heard a very scary story about a Macau's casino house which buried a skull of a kid who was forced to starve and to die. That poor kid's skull is a bad luck charm that absorbs good luck of anybody who comes to bet at the casino house. I have no idea to tell that story is true or not, however anyway I'm confident of that stupid guy's addiction to gambling. He should surely corrupt his own life with such a bad disease. Don't go to Macau's casino!

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