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Monday, January 5, 2015

Fr. Jack's preach was very much impressive on the meaning of the Lord's epiphany. He commenced with three Magi's visit to the manger in Bethlehem. They didn't return to Jerusalem, though King Herod the Great gave them an order to return there. God gave a dream to them not to go back there. They had a chance to go and see the king for selling the secret. However, they were blessed not to seek for earthly things. They treasured their own salvation.

Fr. Jack talked on one of his friends, who was a drag seller. He was finally sentenced in jail for three years. His life has changed into a complete new one through bible studies with Franciscon nuns. He exeperinced a rebirth in his sufferings, and helped others suffering the same addiction as he experinced before. Drag sellers and gangs whom he had been once acquainted with insisted on him to follow the past bad life. They even tried killing him. But, he rejected them by the grace of God.

Fr. Jack again referred to the three Magi's free will not to return to Jerusalem. The reborn drag seller is the example as is same with the magies. Martyers rejected the Evil and treasured their salvation in stead of offering their blood. Shall we be able to follow those martyers and the magies in the case of various challengs that are full in the contemporary world? It is what Fr. Jack asked us to give own answers to. I was very much impressed, really.

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