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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Japan's Abe administration is to announce an election of the lower house with delay of tax hike until April 2017. Is it a good decision for economy? Maybe, it is now, but not so be it later. The debt of accumulation on the state has piled up to the worst in G20 countries. One-year and a half delay of tax raise should not be eased with revenue from the growth of the economy with the delay of the hike.

Who has to care of the bad fiscal state that surely comes into the year of 2017? It is not Abe who is to take the seat of Primer at the time. His health problem should not allow him to take the seat two years after the coming election. The situation of the economy should go worse with the postponed hike of the tax by two points. Who is really running Japan's administration in 2017?

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