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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fr. Jack's preach impressed me very much deeply today at the mass for All Souls' Day. He talks about how the deceased still be alive among you. I quote him, "You follow your parents who did something nice to around them after their pass-away; people around you remember them in the sight of your good-doings. That's why they are alive in the very middle of among you". Yea, he is right. He continued. "Lord Jesus is alive among you doing good things to your brothers. That is the way He is alive through your daily life living His Good News. However, do we really live His Good News today?" I am really ashamed of his point on the preach. I don't live His Good News at all. I've not asked Him any grace to do it. Today's preach of his is really shaking the mind on me. Really.

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