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Saturday, July 26, 2014

LinkedIn is one of good resources by which you manage to get updates from among your colleagues and friends. However, a one thing that annoys you is to get emails from "pretenders". Those pretenders mock as friends of your true friends. I've got not a small number of emails via LinkedIn from those pretenders who find and use my official email account to get linkage to me. They are still easy to stay away; you can just simply remove their names from your list of connections.

Far worse ones are your acquaintances who pretend to be important. They shorten their titles and show them off to be very important among your communities. Some remove "visiting" and say they are professors. Others shorten their titles into simply "president". They are really disgusting. I'm fed up with those pretenders who approach and creep to me via LinkedIn. Why do they pretend to be like that? You're easy to find such shameful fraudulent deed on the Internet.

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