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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A second article has cited my paper in which I discussed decision making in 2011: A computing theory for collaborative and transparentc decision making under time constraint, Sasaki, H., Information Systems Frontiers, volume 13, issue 2, year 2011, pp. 207 - 220.

That article is "The Invitational Drought Tournament: What is it and why is it a useful tool for drought preparedness and adaptation?" by Hill, H., Hadarits, M., Rieger, R., Strickert, G., Davies, E.G.R., Strobbe, K.M., Weather and Climate Extremes, volume 3, issue , year 2014, pp. 107 - 116.

Those authors belong to the Canada's agri-food agency whose another group of researchers on Global Warming studies that cited the same paper of mine last year. The paper cited was based on a presentation in Canada in 2007 that received no attention at the time. After seven years, clouds have cleared and disappeared up. Thanks be to God!

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