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Thursday, May 15, 2014

We didn't have a baptismal ceremony in this Easter in our church. Last week, we are asked for preparing it on the Feast of Pentecost. Somebody is to be baptised by the Grace of God on the Day. It's nice. I thought at first of hearing its news. After the Mass, a lady approached me to offer a ride to my home. She insisted on it, and I accepted her offer. After she told me with the reason of the baptism on the feast, I was very much full of anxiety. According to her story, a young man wishes to be baptised on the day, though he does not always show up at mass. He doesn't anybody among his family members baptised as Christians, even in the Roman rite. We discussed on him and his prospective godparents, and so on. Finally, we reached a conclusion, that is very simple. It must be something that our Lord knows hot it would be. It beyond our thinking or imagination. Simply, we cannot but accept His will. We promised each other to pray for him through St. John-Paul II, PP.

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