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Monday, February 10, 2014

I am always disappointed in bible classes which are offered everywhere in church about only one thing. In those classes, how to live a good life or how to avoid sins is often discussed. But, how to combat real evil doers has never been talked in public.

Is the battle itself to be contrary to what the Lord orders, because we should love such evil doers as neighbors? Should we give up any punishment on them and stay with them? No. Even Jesus Himself strictly rejected the unclean souls that asked for escape into the swine from "Legion". After He eased Legion and persuaded him to stay home rather than following Him. What does this act suggest to us? I ponder at this passage always. We lawyers face criminals day by day. They are our neighbors who share with the breath of God as humans. Some of them are converted to the righteousness of the Lord even after evil doing. Others never return to it. Which is which only knows God. It is beyond our knowledge; that belongs to His wisdom. But, we cannot indulge ourselves to escape from the battle against crimes or criminals. Good is good, bad is bad.

We need to battle against crimes, even if it is harsh to us. If they should be converted, we would accept them home as Legion was received at home. Otherwise they should be fallen into the abyss as the swein did. The love of neighbors does not always mean any avoidance of battles. Jesus battled against the evil one.

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