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Saturday, January 4, 2014

What kinds of persons are bad friends? A Buddhist monk wrote an essay about them eight hundreds years ago. He classified seven kinds of bad friends around him: nobles, the young, ones who have never been sick, drinkers, braves, liars, and the greedy. They happen to coincide with the seven sins.

In the end and the beginning of a year, you are in the time when you are easy to tell who is a bad friend. A bad friend asks you for something sneaky even on the end of the year. Instead of seasonal greetings, such a guy asks you to allow him to use your name in his paper. That guy believes that your name could persuade reviewers to accept his paper. It is really absurd an idea. He is classified into the rank of liars.

It's not bad to be sick; you have time to find such a bad guy around you and delete his or her name from your address book. God gives a disease to a person whom He loves. It is really true.

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