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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The sudden resignation of the metropolitan governor has fallen the Tokyo Olympics to political chaos. Bribe scandal of Former Governor of Tokyo opens an unforeseen race between the right and the left wing of Japan's politics. Until yesterday, an ultra-left old lawyer and an incredibly right-wing air force general have appeared on the stage of the election campaign. Today, a former primer and a former minister of health are reported to soon announce their willing to serve the position. Who is the former Primer? He is the last guy to lead any administration in the world. This guy casted away his first administration without any supportive reason and has thrown Japan's economy into the true turmoil, that is well known around the world as "The Lost 20 Years for Japan." In his administration, I was in a ministry of economic policy. Everything was thrown into crazy by his stupid policies, if there had been such the things. Former Primer HOSOKAWA, this guy should not be chosen for the important position in Tokyo.

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