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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A dog escaped from a house near my home two years ago. It was Christmas day. He ran away from his master and dashed to me. He clung to me on the legs and quivered for a long time, while he saw his master. I succeeded to persuade him to go back home. Around last fall, I could not hear him howl or weep. I haven't seen his master these days.

A man beside the house of the dog's master was indifferent to the dog, though he could see his situations daily. He simply neglected the dog. Now he smells so badly on the body like dogs. Some notice his smell, but others don't. Nobody talks to him these days.

Dogs are different from humans, but they are creatures that God created. Naughty attitudes to them shall be seen by the Lord and evil doers should pay what they have done. Those evil doers often smell like dogs. Probably, bad angels report to God with their deeds and mark them with the bad scent.

Sometimes I find out, no, smell out such dog-smelling guys. Others around me don't notice such smell around them. But, actually I smell it. In that case, not a small number of such persons who smell like dogs have reasons for such marking. He or she has done something unacceptable often.

When you smell somebody like dogs around you, you should take care of who he or she really is. He or she might be harmful to you, though looking nice on the face. Evil one hides himself behind the good looking.

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