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Thursday, December 5, 2013

It was a surprise to me when Archbishop Peter Okada remarked to Evil One in his preach about look-back to his road of worship in Jesus last month. He commenced his preach on the battle against unbelief; he denied that was not his primary obstacle in the church. He clarified the battle against Satan as the main stream of his tasks to shepherd the sheep. He defined the battle against Satan, which made many kinds of divides among the church. These days, the church is tend to be intimidated to talk about Satan inside herself. He was dare to break the taboo at the day. Actually, at that time of his preach, all the those at the Cathedral became alerted; I felt that sense in the front line. I am very much pleased to be there and see the Church brave to battle against Satan. Lord Jesus may bless us and guide us for ever to be against Evil One. Amen.

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