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Sunday, December 29, 2013

I found an impressive and instructive phrase in a father's note: "Everybody is to disappear year by year in your life, but the presence of God never does in Church". I travel much during my life; I'm always a newcomer to a church in a just-arrived country; it is, actually, much worse just a stranger.

But, Jesus always waits me inside His arch. That's why I don't feel lonely even in a country of which tongue is not easy to understand. You don't need any word when you talk to Him. He has already told you what you would like to say to Him; He has known even what you should do there. The father's note concludes with a passage: "The presence of God is what all should experience in lives". Yes, we don't come to church for making acquaintances with somebody but for  Him. We come to see Lord Jesus face to face.

Some people come to Church for other reasons; making friends, finding something different from daily lives. But, the most important point should never be missed on the reason of churchgoing: We shall adore Jesus, who is only the cornerstone that can save us. Sometimes, especially in the season of the Advent, people are easy to lose the reason for their coming to church. Nor for fun, just for admiring Him, we are invited to His temple. That kind of admiration nurtures the obedience to the Lord; Finally our obedience lets us see the Lord, I believe.

Many complaints on the busy ritual on the mass among multi-national communities inside a church, distracting behaviors around the church are often discussed and even argued. The presence of God is the first commandment that we should make us obedient to Church, that is the body of Christ. We belong to Catholic Church; "Being Catholic" means Obedience. We shall follow back to this golden rule.

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