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Monday, November 4, 2013

Papa Francesco wrote this week about a relation between money and lust. He denies any guilty on possession of money, though his accuse goes to the lust for longing it too much. He is right about it. Luke describes that Lord Jesus blessed the notorious tax-gather, Zacchaeus, who climbed on a tree and waited for Him. Christ never told him to cast all his belongings and simply follow Him as other apostles. Why didn't He have Zacchaeus change completely his life, that was still not proper even from the point of ethics? I guess that Lord might have shown the first stage of cure to people alike children who had just taken notice of their own sins. Zacchaeus stepped forward for a saint from a sinner at that time; Jesus was beside him to guide his spirit for a better life. First, he realized that he was dirty on the lust. Maybe, he would never like to go back to his past life. He understood how well he could have used money for something better than he had known. That was enough for the stage of his spirit as a beginning.

In and outside courtrooms, many people are possessed by Evil One with loving of the money itself. That is lust, which ruins the spirits eternally. Even a group of such people, that is a company or even a university, falls into the dirty hands of the Evil. Those ones belonging to Satan through such that enterprise can look at what they belong to in a mirror, that shows how ugly their faces and figures have become. I have encountered with and am looking at those as a lawyer in a black robe.

Kindly our Almighty Father allows us to change mind and follow Him and escape from Satan with patience, though not a small number but almost all of us are not strong to resist against the lust. All we can do is to ask His only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus for His mercy on us.

Today, I again think about it when I found some souls fall down to their belonging.

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