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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last week, I was honored to be blessed by Monsignor Joseph Chennoth after Saturday Latin mass. He was very amicable and charming. We had a chat outside the cathedral. He asked me what I would think about the mass in Latin. I sincerely asked him for Lord's pardon to my answer, "We call it a punishment for delay in England, Monsignor." He burst into laugh. Although Latin mass is really beautiful, everybody should have a chance to admire the beauty. The problem is that Latin is not the language for laymen like all of us. The Second Vatican has opened a door to us for having everybody praise Lord Jesus in his or her own tongue so as Apostles did in Jerusalem. Faith for God is not the style of worship. Love for Jesus is much more important. Latin mass is beautiful. We should keep it as the highest mass. Meanwhile, we should devote our hearts to Jesus in our own languages. No divide between them exists. I believe so.

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