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Friday, November 1, 2013

King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, was accused of his remark on bad circumstances on the lower class towns in London at that time. He said, "Something must be done". He was right on his opinion about the situation, however he was not proper as a crown prince, whose words were not treated as private.

Yesterday's happening between Japan's Emperor and a politician was much worse on the latter side. The parliament member was a public figure, so as was he. The situation of Fukushima nuc plants was a controversial issue in the society, though everybody was concerned of it. Any words from any public figures to the situation should be spot-lighted politically. In that case, only who is responsible to the issue and the situation should be asked for comments. Emperor is just a formal person who can only act as the Head of the State to foreign countries in ceremonial diplomacy and inland ceremonies. He is not responsible politically to any issues; he has no power to do so. That stupid MP didn't know how he should behave as a rep of nation before the head of the state. This guy hid the fact of his divorce until his successful campaign last year. Who casted votes to such a non-qualified one?

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