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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Japan's primer resides in his own private house that is close to Kantei, the public residence for the primer. It's just fifteen minutes by car between them. One of former primers accuses him on the distance. It's ridiculous that such a meaningless point is discussed in the parliament. Who cares of just a quarter hour distance?

A much more important issue is why he doesn't like to live in that gorgeous public residence. Almost one year ago, it is discussed among MPs. The true reason is that it is the haunted house as many people have rumored before this issue is raised in the parliament. Another past primer, who has Kuro-obi of Judo, encountered with the ghost and was almost fainted at night. He weighs 220 pounds over; such a tough-looking guy admitted to get fainted with the unwanted appearance of a ghost. What a horrible ghost haunts the residence. Anyway, Japan's Kantei is a must-see place for people coming from the UK. That is another country of ghost loves.

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