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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Emperor's Prize of the Autumn horse race is reported in a news program tonight. Horse race is one of manners of gentlemen. I hate the race because I am not a gentleman but a lawyer. My maternal grandfather was a kind of the man; he really loved the race and was quite good at winning it, I heard. I've never met him. He passed away before my birth. He was gifted with many plays, like rifle-hunting, horse ride, sailing, and horse race.

One day, he went to a race with one of his young apprentices of his company. He advised him to bet a dark horse. That one was a horse nobody had hinted its name. It was bingo. Since hitting the jack-pot, that young guy almost everyday hung on the bars of the race yard. Finally, he's lost his own life including his family, business, everything.

My mother talked to me and sighed, "Your grandfather was really a gentleman and successful businessman, but for that bad habit to collapse young guys in horse yards. I agree with her. What I cannot understand on him is how he could handle with and balance business and gambles. Maybe I shall never learn it. Autumn horse races always remember me on my garndfather.

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