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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I was on an operating table this noon, however am now back home. What happened to me? Some kind of miracle released me from a planned surgery process. This spring, I found a polyp in the abdomen that was suspected to be a tumor. Today is the day of operation. But, the physician could not find any thing on the location that was suspected to grow bigger six months after the date.

He twice checked the entire abdomen and diagnosed that it had disappeared. Disappeared? Really? He told me that sometimes such a kind of natural cure occurs, though it is a rare case on the tumor-suspected abdominal polyp. Anyway, it is a good news, because I don't need to overnight stay in the hospital.

I need a full week for complete recovery to my daily life because my abdomen was empty for two full days. I had to prepare for the surgery anyhow.

For me, this experience is a gift from Lord Jesus. I have not asked for it in the communion through my guardian angel or patron saint. They should have been always with me and cared everything necessary for me. I believe so. I thank God and praise Lord Jesus. Alleluia!

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