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Friday, August 30, 2013

UNHCR sent me its weekly report of operations for refugees in Syria. Twenty one years have passed since I visited that beautiful country with marvelous treasures in the Greco-Roman era. I saw the city wall of Damascus, from which St. Paul slightly escaped from his enemies, Palmyra's sun set, which he might have seen with St. Barnabas. People in Syria were really nice to me, even though I was not able to handle with Arabic fluently. It was during the period of fasting in the year. They kindly shared with me scarce food of their family. Hope nothing worse happen to them anymore. UK seems to hand off the land, however US still seeks for some armed intervention. Limited intervention is easy to loose the bound of its initial scope. We have learnt it in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq. Something different must be enforced first, such as expansion of the no-fly zone restrictions.

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