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Saturday, July 27, 2013

In the west side of Japan, a series of murder and arson cases occurred in a small village in a mountainous region. Its population was less twenty, but now it's close to ten, because the one-third of the village residents have been killed by a 63-year-old man. He has been just found and arrested after a search by the authority. Most of the victims are above seventy years old. The suspect is under the custody of the authority.

A surprise is that he is a victim of a past case of a bodily injury in the village. This past case is directly connected to one of the victims of the latest murder and arson cases. One of the victims stabbed the suspect ten years before.

Almost a hundred years ago, there was another series of 33 murder cases for one night by a single suspect who committed suicide after his deeds. It's the worst record of murder in Japan, that is worse than the Aum terror in 1995. This incident is well known to our generation as "The Eight-tombs village cursed case", that is a title of a novel and films based on it. The place of the incident is not far from the village of the latest cases. Maybe, this developing incident should be novelized soon.

The suspect is reported to have been isolated from other village peasants. Some TV news get an unconfirmed but plausible fact from covered inside sources that he had been teased and bullied by those victims for a long time.

Anyway, all the concerned were killed and the suspect was found almost naked without shoes or sandals. No precise fact could be available even in court room under his current situation.

These two to three weeks, strange incidents like the case are developing from east to west in Japan. It is quite likely same as in the year before the huge quake. Hope nothing happens this year.

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