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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Many people misunderstand the personality of Papa Benedict XVI during his service to the holy see. He is believed to be very conservative on both theological and political issues. His speech I heard in St. Peter's Square in 2011 began with a remark to his latest experience of the use of Twitter for disseminating comments. He looked very positive to taking advantage of technical developments for his missionary vocation.

His style in the rites is somehow back to the era before the second Vatican council. Receiving the sacred host on the tongue, frequent use of Latin in the beginning and the end of the holy mass are often cited in many reports as I witnessed them in my attendance at this auditorium. However, he is very charming and lovely. It is all I felt in the two hour auditorium.

His private garden has a small bench under a huge tree. That is it. I guess that he really wanted to live a scholar-like life rather than the head of the world-traveling church. When I heard his step down from Papacy, I asked Jesus for His blessing him. It is a nice idea to open the door for succeeding popes without anymore hesitation to serve the difficult post until the final call by Lord Jesus from now on.

It is often discussed that he has made not a small number of conflicts that came out of his remarks to problems on the world. But, he is a human as we are. Everybody is a sinner before the eyes of our Lord. He has done great things in writing and preach, I believe.

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