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Monday, June 24, 2013

I stayed in a dome of the University of London last summer. It is close to the strand street. Near the Trafalgar Square, there is a very lovely church, The Corpus Christi, which is the first Roman Catholic church reopened for the public in England after the Relief Act 1829. I often visited there and met its chief priest. It has a half underground chapel, in which you might feel staying inside Catacombs.

One day, I kneeled before the Most Holy Body and asked Him for my desire. I surely felt something different at the time. I was alone inside the church. He had been being there with me and graciously heard my cry. I really felt so from the bottom of my broken heart. Maybe, it might sound absurd to you, but it was the truth that I really felt His being alive with us.

That is my second time to have felt it in my life. The first event was in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, when I was twenty years old. I posted that before in this blog. This time, it was in London. Lord Jesus is always alive and walking with all of us, everywhere and everytime. He is with us in our neighbors and/or inside ourselves. I really believe so.

If you have chance to visit London, pay a visit to the Church and see Fr. Alan.

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