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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My doctor gives me forty nitroglycerin tablets this week, instead of other tablets, which were given at the Narita Airport last month. I would not have anticipated using them should be so soon just after the receipt. I could not but use it to stop an attack in a midnight. It took almost two minutes to be activated and eleven minutes to stop the symptom completely. Anyway, it worked well to me; that is amazing. Nitroglycerin is not medicine that cures the cause of the symptom but just stops it temporally. This week a series of new checks wait me for identifying it. The doctor says that if the tablet works well to clear the pain of me it must be a problem on the heart organ. No alcohol or cholesterol effects have been found from the data of my blood check; a remaining is just stress, he says. It must be a long week for me.

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