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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I talked with Father James on ecumenism in the Catholic Church. He described me about the situation in the States, where people of the Anglican Church come into the Catholic and stay inside it to have their own dioceses. I have not heard about it ever; in the Kingdom, we are very close to the Church of England. I can show a very lovely story on my rosary ring. I had a difficulty to find a father of the Catholic church in Birmingham, where most Catholic churches therein are small and a father cares of two or three churches in a circuit district. A good idea hinted me that I could find a Catholic church that is good to me when I asked somebody of the Anglican Church there. I rushed into St. Philip Birmingham Cathedral and met a father who is the rector of the cathedral. I asked him to show what I should do. He did not show any offensive feeling to me and let me know how to do. He even blessed me and prayed together for my desire. He then blessed my rosary ring which would show me a way to find a church for me. Actually, this rosary ring allowed me later to find a Catholic church in London, where I got a blessing from Father Alan (he converted from a covenant to the Catholic). My experiences tell how ecumenical churches in the Kingdom have become since Beato John Paul PP II. Father James also talked to me churches in Japan had been once driven into the idea and soon gone into a certain kind of movement which led people in more divided situation among them. That story astonished me so much as you are easy to guess what I would mean from my experiences just shown.

Anyway, I understand I have come back from a "Heaven" to Gehenna.

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