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Monday, September 10, 2012

Two-hour coach trip was a bid hard to me under the situation after a heart attack, but window view from Oxford to London enjoyed me pretty much with the blue sky today. Some bad things happened to my luggage and the joint of my right hand. They are trivial. I again came back to the University of London’s Art Institute to have a room for three nights. This time, everything is improved. I found a nice quiet room that faces a patio so that heat and noise on the streets never intrude into it.

Tonight, I went out for a while to Trafalgar Square after visiting a Catholic church. In the square, a notice of concert caught my eyes.  It is Handel! I was a bid afraid if I should have a second heart attack in the audience. Finally, I decided to book a ticket. The Concert was marvelous. A mezzo-soprano, Anna Starushkevych, is very much talented to describe each scene of Handel’s feelings and ideas. London musical Arts Orchestra and its conductor John Landor really gave us a great performance. His Bach was also awesome. Not very much gorgeous but very thoughtful play in a church that has good structure for orchestra. I found he learned at Oxford. I really thank God to allow me this lovely night.

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