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Sunday, September 2, 2012

This one year is full of God's guide with love to me. I was so far away from Him for a long time, though all the time He is being with me. Many temptations during hard time mean just giving me a chance to come back under His feet. I was always in anguish while I think why so many difficulties come out around me. Those things have such a meaning that lets me notice I am weak and need to come back to Jesus Christ.

When I began my current research topic on ant swarm behaviors, I soon realized this topic is really different from others and means unique to my life. I always answer a question often asked to me by the audience in my seminar: why do those ants organize well this behavior? I simply reply to them: Just from God. Some students burst into laughter, but I told them I was not kidding and I meant it. The mechanism of the behavior would and could be analyzed rationally, but the reason behind the behavior cannot be made clear. Just by the hand of God there it be.

I don't know this research done by HFL and me could be accepted or not, however our finding surely shows God's greatness that cares of such a tiny and winy creature. van Beethoven said, "Joy comes through anguish". It is true. This one-year journey may let me back to you, Lord. Amen.

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