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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It is rain from the morning here in Manchester. This is a second rainy day since my arrival in UK that is August 13th. People around me say it is amazing not to have more rainy ones this year. One more nice thing is to have a bath in my room where I really enjoy bathing I could not have done in for a one month. This is really great. I thank God who has always prepared something surprising me.

This week is full of things to do. First, I met YKG at the Imperial this Monday morning. It was a great encounter that gives me and HFL a prospective forward step on our research. In the afternoon of the day, I went to see EK in his downtown site of the University of Westminster. It was a meeting that I have looked forward to for a long time. We met each other in Lyon in 2009 last time. We really could not see each other until then. We found and shared many unknown developments around selves.

A long-term travel is, generally speaking, full of more events of hard time rather than staying home. People often feel isolated from surroundings even though they are welcome by those around them. I had felt so much because of those harassing me often from Japan. However, our Lord never abandons anybody who asks Our Lady, Holy Mary, may pray for him or her. I absolutely believe it. Beato John Paul, P.P. II everyday tells us that is "totus tuus". It is true, really. I praise God, I thank the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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