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Monday, September 17, 2012

I went to a mass at London Oratory which is under the same missionary with Oxford Oratory. It is just located in the same block of Imperial's Princes Court that means walk distance to me. Inside the church, the trident mass was to be served on at the time. Although it is the most formal way of worship, that is quite close to the mass in Italian. But, a way of service is difficult to follow, always. Father kindly gave me a blessing. I really thank Jesus Christ who always leads me as it is.

I walked out for Kensington Palace and saw the exhibition which is dedicated to late Princess of Wales, Diana. Many photos are shown with her dresses, but for any connections with the current Duchess of Cornwall. I just found a single shot with Prince of Wales. People seems negative to the current wife of the Prince. That exhibition tells the obvious truth of people's attitude to the royal family.

I had lunch at Orangery inside the royal park that was reasonably expensive to enjoy the landscape that goes into autumn. Royal squarels are curious of people who feed them. One of them was willingly to approach me. I came back here to the College and entered into Natural History Museum, whose Dinosaurs skeletons and display are awesome. They are really live-display. You must come and see here. But, a special exhibition of "Animal Inside and Out" was ugly and disgusting. This is a down-side version of the controversial "Human Inside and Out". It must be a good study for medical students or art students, but not for lay men. I feel a kind of humiliation of life and humanity.

A bid tired after seeing such a naughty exhibition, I went to a cafe and enjoyed a pot of mint tea over a home-bakery scorn. Tomorrow, I will do everything I have to do here in London.

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