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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I could not sleep well because some guests at this college made huge noise. They shouted and sang around 2:00 to 3:00 AM. Smell of alcohol, maybe wine, spread over a corridor and intruded into my room. I opened the door of the room and found drunken American women and a man in suit with a portfolio (he looks really strange in the hour with such a business attire).

In the morning, a lady who came for house-keeping let me know they had a wedding party here and are not Oxford students. This is a good news. At least among my friends from Oxford anybody has never been drunken in public and spoken in such a rude or dirty manner in Chicago.

I walked out for booking a ticket for London after breakfast. The dinning hall is marvelous very much like the film of Harry Potter. You can enjoy a long table with a bench of its equivalent size and see spider-nests on candle-like lamps on the table. Waiters serve in a very medieval manner. That means totally against a contemporary economical style. A gentleman beside me are often asked by different waiters on his order and looked somehow uneasy. I decided not to wait them and asked an English breakfast by myself.

Anyway it is a nice experience to pretend an apprentice of the Hogwartz School. Sausages were nice, but baked tomatoes were not so. You can enjoy pretty much such a thing in other B & B. You may just enjoy the medieval time warp kind of experience here one time that is enough.

A morning shower is up now. I would go church right now.

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