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Saturday, September 15, 2012

FM brought me to MediaCity in Manchester, where Salford University has a cross-border teaching and research institute with BBC and ITV. We enjoyed a quick and full tour inside the City which is equipped with latest contemporary techniques for broadcasting. Everything reaches and goes beyond the state-of-art of modern communications technology, which even undergraduate students are allowed to access to. What is coming out of this collaborations between media companies and IT industries and universities is a much more far-sight result than just giving a chance to be involved in professional experiences for students. They really understand what they need for their future career and the industry realizes what they would like to enjoy from it. This is the true professional teaching course and we call it "WIN-WIN" relationship. Many stupid guys in academia, especially in Japan, just like using the word to show off what they would like to push out; it looks so absurd.

That is a good on-going example for showing how you can integrate professional experiences for students and teaching curses. Just Google MediaCity + Salford University; everything is coming out before your eyes.

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