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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This is the second day of my first visit to the UK. I stay inside the campus of Brunel University in Uxbridge, Middlesex. The sky is clear with a bid amount of cloud that gives you a nice shelter. I found a great number of passages along a small and clear stream and gardens with chairs in this campus. Everything lets me feel peaceful and the quiet surroundings welcome you very warmly.

I found a dogtooth violet that is a stunning beauty. I would like to show this beautiful greenery place to my mother; she would surely love this kind of very nice garden. I took a picture of that and also walked around and inside the campus twice in the morning. I also found and ate blackberries that tasted so nice (much better than those in Ostrava; one week gap made them grow ready for eating)!

I felt a bid hungry and went to the canteen that SQ brought and bought me a dinner last night. I had a salad bowl, cram cheddar with a brown bread, strawberries and a spotted dick with custard cream. All these were tasty. I found a British strategy: bad rumors spread by themselves protect the land of treasury from invasion of American culture. Otherwise, everything must have been Americanized already. Weather and food, everything is perfect to me. Thank you, God! You are very tactical to let me step away from this beautiful country until I become a bid wise.

Anyway, I really love my stay here in England.

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