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Sunday, August 12, 2012

This early morning, I moved to Prague from Ostrava for stop over to get a flight for London. It was a windy day; the aircraft brought me the Airport often had huge turbulence just before landing. It scared me (almost all of us on board). The flight I chose had only 18 passengers for 40 or over seats. That is the reason the company canceled my previous booking on Sunday. Economy in Czech certainly faces another phase due to the currency crisis.

I visited again the Prague Castle and its medieval painting collections. I found two marvelous masterpieces of Lucas Cranach there. They are very original and religious as are different from his well-known style of paintings found in Louvre. Prague is the town of discovery for medieval time art lovers. You guys should come here.

A famous church, St. Nicholas Church offered an organ concert with an oboe player and a mezzo-soprano singer. I was excited to join it, but it was a huge mistake. The oboe was really great. He is marvelous. The mezzo-soprano was above the level. The problem is the organist. He was so bad. He first made loud tones that destroyed harmony with others. During the concert, he was gradually tuned it, but it was so late.

I was really upset of my own choice, and then decide to have a second chance of an organ concert at St. Francisco Church. I asked a young lady at the ticketing if she really loved that concert. She assured it because she was in a concert of today's trumpet player and enjoyed it. I also asked her to give a tip to find a good place to have a seat. She led me to the very last row that is just opposite to the organ. As soon as a first Handel's Suita D major began, I understood this must become a great concert. After Handel's aria, I made a standing ovation. They were great: a trumpet, a soprano, and an organist. Especially, the organ playing lady well knows the structure of the church. She made forte as clear without noise that comes from reflection to the walls. She was really nice.

Anyway, it was a great gift to me. I really enjoyed the night in Prague.

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