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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I went out for the Border of Scotland today, though many people visit the Highland and the Islands. What would you expect to see in the Border with England? Those already have seen the Da Vinci code could soon find it out. Roslyn Chapel and the Castle, Temple of the order of knights and Melrose Abbey of the Norman Conquest era. All those sites are very must see in Scotland.

I booked a tour at rabbie's in Edinburgh. Peter guides us in the one-day tour. We first walked out to the Scot's view from which you can enjoy panorama view from a hill. After that, we moved to Melrose and paid a visit to the Abbey. This is a great ruin of the time of Scottish King the Bruce. Details of the structure marveled me very much. We then drove to Temple, where we found a masonic symbol curved stone pillar that stands before the church. Peter told us very much about the Mason's relation with Scotland and the Order of Knights.

Finally, Roslyn Chapel appeared to our eyes. Just awesome. I admired so many symbolic carvings inside the chapel. Its crypt also shows nicely painted angels on the walls. Oh! You should come here to see the beauty of Scotland. The Border has everything you can associate with Scotland: green, garden, flower, sheep, ancient churches and castles, and mystery! Today, I really thank God to inspire me with so many nice things.

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