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Friday, August 24, 2012

I walked out for Edinburgh Castle this morning. A long line has formed at the ticketing office before my arrival already. It was 9:30 AM. I joined a free guided tour inside it at 10:00 AM that is scheduled quarterly an hour. Our guide is a French lady like Queen Mary of Scotland as she referred to her. She was very knowledgeable and informative on not only the castle but also the Scottish history. I absolutely advise you to get a chance to take part in this free tour.

The sky was clear and temperature is moderate but a problem is strong wind. It was really windy. But never mind. Everything is fantastic. A view from the top hill is really marvelous. Inside the Castle, you can enjoy the famous diamond crown and wand of the King of Scotland. You should not miss the coronation stone on which kings and queens sat and were crowned as Her Majesty did it.

One of my findings is a cafe inside it that offers very nice afternoon tea even in the morning. I enjoyed pretty much this Scottish afternoon tea that tastes lighter than you may have it in London. This was a very nice surprise to me.

After the castle tour, I visited the Georgian house where you find a bunch of nice Wedgwood tableware. This is a great place to see. And, then I finally paid a visit to Holyrood Palace in which Her Majesty has official tea party. A guided tour to royal gardens lets you know how tea parties are organized and which site has special meanings in there. Inside the palace you may absolutely admire the great taste of Queen Mary of Scotland. I found another Lucas Cranach in her bed room. The National Gallery of Scotland also has two paintings of his with Da Vinch's, however the masterpiece of Cranach exists in the Palace.

Tonight, I toasted Scotch whisky over a lamb shank and haggis. They were really marvelous! I thank God to have this great day under a nice weather.

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