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Thursday, August 23, 2012

After a series of seminars I offered at Brunel, I moved out to the center of London. I stayed in a 19th century building of the University of London's art institute. It is a grad student lodge that is open for public access during summer. Everything is acceptable but for the heat inside. People at the contemporary very much concerned about severe winter season at the time. I enjoyed a seminar at the University of Surrey. YJ kindly gave me a chance to get together with grad students in the physics and electronic engineering department. The audience were active to get involved in inquiries after my talk; I really appreciate them and am pretty much honored with their interests in the topic.

Today, I moved to Scotland and cool down my brain and walked out to see the famous beauty of the land. Everything is marvelous. People are so nice and food is great again here. I really appreciate English and Scottish dishes like fish pie, baked potatoes, beans, beacons, seafood soup, and so on. I have no idea why even British people often joke about their soul food. Weather is also great to me. After a short shower, you can enjoy a great rainbow beyond the hill top of Edinburgh, that was awesome! Anyway, I really appreciate God who allows me to stay in this great place to live in. I hope something nice I could do for them during my stay.

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