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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today, VS brought me and JVS to the Bouzov Castle that is a very popular film stage in Czech Republic, especially for kids and couples expect to have a wedding service therein. We enjoyed an hour ride on a train from Ostrava to Olomouc. VS drove his car from a village nearby. The weather was pleasant and nice to have an excursion. That means a bid cloudy and we had a small shower just spot but it did not matter for it.

The Bouzov Castle was a headquarters of the Order of German Ritters after they moved back from Gdansk due to the defeat in Poland. This castle has a similar system of central heating with stoves which provide warm air through pipes under floors that connect all the rooms efficiently. You don't need to visit the Malbork Castle after seeing this nice red roof castle in Czech. Anyway, I saved  money and time thanks to him. The guided tour was really informative and we saw two wedding services there. Inside furniture and ornament are rather humble and very comfortable to stay. Everything is very well organized.

After that, we moved to Mladec Caves that are the longest snake caves in the Cenral Europe. This is a place to see because 31000 years ago a prototype human being really lived inside it. It was cold inside and the scenery was marvelous with various shapes of stalactite; one looks like an angel kneels and other one seems to a cathedral. We enjoyed this great place and ate ice cream.

The best has finally come! VS invited us to his nice house the garden of which is just astonishment to me because everything is very aesthetic and cared very much well. I have a house with a smaller garden, but I could not keep it as he does. His wife, BS is a very nice cook. I admire her made cakes with yogurt. Their dog JS was really nice to me. I love him very much! We all together went and saw a castle in the village and enjoyed a carnival. Local food was so nice and very tasty. I believe it was a deer stew I had there. Other paste and baked loaf were light for stomach and rich of falvor. Music and dance made me so happy!

I really thank VS and BS for their friendship and warm atmosphere. I was really happy today.

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