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Monday, July 9, 2012

These twenty years since 1992, I have forgotten an important fact, Satan exists on the ground. I am a scientist. And, I am a christian. A series of attacks by the evil just after my first pilgrimage to Vatican last October reminded me of the truth: it exists. I have known it and experienced it in Palestine and Jerusalem at my first visit there for pilgrimage in 1992. At the time, Satan tried me with sick that was unbearable and lasted for almost one week until my visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I was on the critical line of the symptom. It is Jesus Christ who saved me. A group of sisters an Italian father led witnessed it. They helped me to come there with their support. We all together thank God and praise the Miracle by the Lord. Again, after another pilgrimage, this time Satan tried me with harassment that began and continued until my return to Czech. In Asia, still anti-Christ is strong, inter alia communism and materialism. Japanese universities have such evil-hearted faculty members so many. Satan uses those belonging to the evil. Whenever I approach holy places in Europe, they try to tempt me. This time, they would like to corrupt me from Far East. However, we live in the heart of God. We have faith. We pray day by day to battle against Satan and the evil. I clearly understand my duty to God; I surely fight against them with the command given by God. Pray. That makes me strong enough to send them back to their belonging. So God help us. Amen.

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