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Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer vacation season begins here in Czech, but I still work over a paper. This situation lets me remember the summer of 1999, when we prepared for Bar Exam in Chicago. It was a hot summer, everyday I went to McDonald's early morning and bought a President Size pop. I hanged in the corner restaurant on the 52nd street until the closing over the one drink. The staff at the shop were really nice to me; they never chased me away from the seat. Everyday and every night, I went there for study. It is thirteen years from the time. Robin was there and then. We made a memorial scholarship with his name at the Law School. This heat here in Ostrava allows me to come back to the time when all of us were serious about future and study before the exam. After the time, I think what I have done in the passing behind me. Hope this summer lets me do the serious work after that, so God help me.

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